I'm running for County Supervisor to ensure San Diego is a place where individuals of all walks of life are valued, respected and have the tools to achieve the American Dream. This means an equal chance for everyone to have a good-paying job, quality education, thriving business, safe community, health services they need, and the ability to enjoy our beautiful parks and beaches. With my experience and proven leadership, I will fight to ensure San Diego is a place we are all proud to call home.
Paving the way for Everyone to Achieve the American Dream 

With so many policies trumping American values, I am the only candidate who has directly and consistently fought back against Trump. I authored Resolutions supported by the State Legislature opposing tariffs, protecting Dreamers and denouncing the building of the border wall. 

Leading Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Without a healthy environment, communities cannot thrive. The County needs to make reducing pollution one of its top priorities. I led the efforts at the State to sue the IBWC for its gross inaction at the Tijuana River Valley. I will ensure that the County joins the lawsuit and pursue a declaration of a public health emergency, which will open the way to more resources from all levels of government. 

Stimulating the Economy

We need to ensure the County works to attract and retain local jobs through incentives to businesses, with a focus on those that are minority owned. We also need creative policies to attract tourism. Jobs must include quality pay and benefits so that workers are able to support their families. 

Creating Affordable Housing 

Most residents are priced out of the housing market. In 2018, I supported a $6 billion dollar bond to create affordable housing statewide. At the County, we need to ensure that San Diego benefits from that funding so that residents have the shelter they need and still be able to support their families. Locally, we need to look at streamlining incentives for developers who want to build affordable housing and increase funding for rental assistance. 

Bolstering Mental health and Rehabilitation Services for a Healthier Community

The County spends more than $2 billion on mental health services. About 25% of homeless individuals suffer from mental health. The prison population has mental health rates three times higher than the national average. 


We need better policies and more funding to help these individuals. Working with courts to include mental health and substance abuse services in prisons is critical. Developing a continuum of care for the homeless where they are identified and treated regularly is the launching pad for them to live an independent and self-sustaining lifestyle. Giving public health nurses and other health providers the tools to effectively care for these vulnerable communities is vital to their success. 

Increasing emergency preparedness and safety protections 

We need to enhance safety services with strong wildfire policies, a robust fire department, and more funding for 2-1-1 services to ensure residents know what to do in emergency situations, as well as invest more funding in technology to facilitate crime-solving and prevention. 

Giving People a Hand Up

It’s important that we protect vulnerable communities like seniors, veterans and at-risk youth.  I’ve authored bills, SB 1191 (2019) to ensure that the elderly are not abused by caretakers, led budget efforts so that veterans have the funding they need ($3 million in 2014) and sponsored SB 1216 (2016) and SB 422 (2019) to provide tax incentives for employers who hire at-risk youth.  I will continue to fight to ensure that these individuals are protected.


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